We at XIOTAS believe in providing a one-stop solution to different needs of our customers. Here we have created a platform through which multiple service providers come together and offer specialised services to the customers at very competitive rates. All service providers through our websites, are thorough professionals and have years of experience behind them.

Early Warning Systems

The Global Shipping Industry’s rapid technological advances and simultaneous specialised manpower reduction, rising costs of penalties, repairs and maintenance have been the main motivating factor for the project. 
To meet the above challenges, we intend to create an Early Warning System (EWS) to monitor, control and optimize operations to enhance the safety, performance, and profitability of global maritime operations.
Our Value Proposition is an EWS that will:
1) Provide critical Alerts 
2) Provide cloud-connectivity to maintain data integrity
3) Use Sensors to Capture Data at equipment level:
- To detect bypass of SOPs (to validate if the scheduled maintenance activity was actually done or not)
- To detect abnormal operational conditions, misuse or abuse (for example, changes in motor vibration beyond a pre-defined normal range).
- To detect anomalies very early (for example, steadily rising temperature).
No More Bags

Our Current Concepts for Education
XT DSPi 1.0
A low cost miniature and versatile computer that uses open source software and is basically designed for the education of children and adults too; the letters D and S stand for Deepak and Sakshi – the husband-wife Research & Development team and Pi – a short form of the Raspberry Pi.
The first step is to use it as an educational tool with secure e-learning content for children studying in classes up to Std. 10.  We offer the CPU while the display, keyboard and mouse may be acquired as per the customer’s needs. It has the potential to reduce the weight of a child’s schoolbag by approximately 50%.
XT DSPi-2.0
This is similar to the XT DSPi 1.0 but has a 1.2 GHz Processor, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
With some innovative thought and support from entrepreneur friends, an affordable Sun Box was developed by Green Pyramid Energy to run the Raspberry Pi on Solar Power in the remotest of locations. This has a dual facet of not only getting charged with sunlight but also with electricity. The Sun Box would not only power the device, but have a safe LED light too.
A higher-end version of the XT DSPiS above that has up to three LED lights, a USB music player, an FM radio and is also capable of powering up to an 18-inch monitor for home entertainment. 
XT Xi Classroom
An enhanced version of the DSPi 1.0, which comes with teaching aids namely a camera, a fixed overhead projector and screen to create a smart classroom environment.
Smart Schools

Scope of Work On Campus:
Establishing state-of-the-art, cost-effective educational tools and management support systems. 
Installation and commissioning of all hardware and software
Onsite training for the operations team (for systems installed by Xiotas and its business partners)
Technical management of all systems installed by Xiotas and its business partners
Development of a planned maintenance system
Inventory management system 
Guidance for online access of information and notes from homes
Digitized payment and administrative system
Cafeteria management and Information systems
Paper-free operations to a larger extent
Data storage on the cloud or on premise storage server
Consultation for automated temperature and humidity controlled environments
Sensor-activated lighting systems in public areas and walkways