Welcome to Xiotas Technologies! 

    We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers.

    We continuously seek to develop technologies and products that will positively impact the lives of our community.

Vision Statement

    Our vision is to enhance the standards of economic, social and physical environments encompassing the lives of the common man, especially the weaker sections of our society.

Mission Statement

    Xiotas in collaboration with technology and business partners shall implement modern, economical solutions to positively transform and alleviate inequalities in the standards of tools in the education system and the overall living standards of society – both inside and outside homes. 

Our Inspiration

    In the field of education, our dream is to see little children without their heavy bags on their little backs. We present a solution by converting their text books into e-learning content that we customize for individual classes and users too.

   The computer on which the e-learning content is stored, is powered by a modern-day marvel - the  Raspberry Pi, which is a small credit-card-sized CPU that has been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation - a UK Charity since 2009. The motivation behind developing this small computer was to teach computer science in schools and colleges at an affordable price.

    However we at Xiotas Technologies have chosen to use it to support structured and relevant e-learning content in a wide range of subjects and curricula for school-going children as a first step and short term goal of the company. 

    The long term goals are many as mentioned in our vision and mission statements, but we will take one step at a time...